Diesel Purge

Removes deposits on injection nozzles and in the combustion chamber. Increases the cetane rating. Eliminates engine operation problems such as knocking in idle and provides round and quiet engine running. Protects the entire fuel system from corrosion. Optimizes the emission test values. Can also be used as a preventative measure. Clean engines need less fuel and reduce emissions.

Available pack sizes

500 ml Can sheet metal (Part No. 1811)

Technical Data Sheet


Diesel Purge contains a mixture of agents with powerful cleaning properties. The special additives guarantee corrosion protection and increase ignition performance (cetane number).

Intended use

For all diesel engines both with and without diesel particulate filters. Preventative during every inspection, after repairs on the fuel system or to solve problems (see application description on the pack or in the technical datasheet). Turbocharger tested. Perfectly compatible with all conventional diesel and bio-diesel fuels. Can contents are sufficient for up to 75 l fuel.


  • boosts the cetane number
  • increases operational reliability
  • eliminates diesel knocking – reduces deposits
  • cleans the fuel system
  • good corrosion protection
  • guarantees optimum combustion
  • highly economical
  • guarantees low fuel consumption
  • high wear resistance

Areas of application

Used for all diesel engines to prevent and eliminate problems associated with uneven idling and partialload knocking. Quantity to be used for preventive and remedial use: 500 ml.


Preventive use Add to diesel fuel according to the inspection intervals.
Remedial use Unclip the fuel pipe and immerse the end in the Diesel Flush. Close the fuel return pipe or feed that into the Diesel Flush. Start the engine and allow the engine to run at different speeds with the Diesel Flush unmixed. After the cleaning process, assemble the vehicle’s system. In extreme cases, repeat the cleaning procedure if necessary. As an alternative to remedial procedure, our Jet-Clean Unit can also be used for cleaning. To do this, pour 2-3 litres Diesel Flush into the Jet-Clean tank. Further instructions on use are given in the instructions for the Jet-Clean unit.