Plastic Deep Treatment

Plastic Deep Treatment

Cleans, maintains and protects all plastic and rubber parts and freshens them up. Deep penetration into the plastic ensures long-lasting action. Acts antistatic and dirt repellent. For a silky gloss. Also perfectly suitable for plastics in the house, hobby and garden area. Contains silicon.

Available pack sizes

500 ml Bottle plastic (Part No. 1536)

Technical Data Sheet


Plastic Deep Treatment is a combination of agents which has been formulated to protect, treat and enhance the appearance of all plastic components in the motor vehicle. Plastic Deep Treatment gives the plastic surfaces a matt-silk deep sheen and it also repels dust, dirt and water. By repeated use, badly weathered plastic surfaces can be restored to a pleasing appearance.

Intended use

Especially for maintaining and protecting all plastic finishes in the automotive sector, campers, boats, sports articles and household. For indoors and outdoors.


  • can be used for inside and outside storage
  • produces a matt-silk deep sheen
  • repels dust, dirt and water
  • simple to use
  • protects and cares for all plastics

Areas of application

Specially developed to protect all plastic surfaces on the motor vehicle such as components in the vehicle interior and on the vehicle exterior, camper vans and equipment, boats, sports items and the household.


First clean the parts to be treated. Shake Plastic Deep Treatment vigorously before use. Next, apply evenly to a soft cloth or sponge and lightly rub in to the surface. If necessary, rub again using a dry cloth. Repeat treatment if the surface is badly weathered. Regular application gives the optimum appearance.