Sealant Remover

Sealant Remover

Stuck and baked-on seals are removed effortlessly in no time. Just spray on. Removes baked-on, hardened seals and adhesives on engines and machine components quickly and easily. Even adheres to vertical surfaces.

Available pack sizes

300 ml Can aerosol (Part No. 3623)

Technical Data Sheet


Sealant Remover is a mixture of solvents selected for their fast and thorough cleaning properties.

Intended use

For the automotive sector, construction and agricultural machines and for industrial application.


  • adheres well to vertical surfaces
  • enables work to be performed quickly
  • economical removes even burnt-on and hardened sealing compounds or adhesives
  • dissolves burnt-on, adherent sealant residues

Areas of application

Can be used for items made of steel, iron and nonferrous metals, ceramics, wood and glass. Especially suitable for industry and motor vehicles such as valve covers, cylinder heads, water pumps, oil sumps, flange seals and vehicle, engine, exhaust and mechanical parts.


Shake can vigorously before use. Spray the residues to be removed from a distance of 20-30 cm and leave to take effect for 5-10 minutes.